Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Merry Xmas from room 3

Merry Christmas everyone. Our last photo for the year. We finished our Geometry Town and are very proud of our work.
All take care and enjoy the holidays.
Have a safe and wonderful Christmas. 
Miss J.

How to archive work from google drive

How to archive your work from google drive.

Here is a great video link explaining all the steps
Once the archived .zip file has been emailed to their account they will then be able to download it to a usb flash drive (or onto a home computer).

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Geometry Town In Progress

We are working on a town using nets of 3D shapes. Our town has nine areas and we have four or three people in each of our nine groups. the areas are City, Recreational, Supermarket, Airport, Emergency Area, Rich people area, Suburbia, Sports arena and School/library. We made sure that we had all the roads connected. These are some pictures of us working.

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Football is Life Poem

On Monday the 31st of October Room 3 got a choice for writing, so Me(Kade) and Mathew chose to do a lot of poems. Two of them are acrostic poems and the other poem is a AABB poem. Hope you enjoy!

Football Is Life

Football is life.
Otamendi is an amazing defender.
Obtain the ball.
Toni Kroos is the best centre mid in the world.
Barcelona is not better than Real Madrid.
All Whites are so bad.
Love makes football.
Love life when you're playing football.

I believe that Manchester United are better than Manchester City.
Soccer stadiums are incredibly huge.

Live life, live football.
If life gives you lemons play football.
Football players are often really fast#Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.
Excellent footballers are Mathew and Kade.

Soccer The Perfect Sport

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world.
Oscar is a player that everyone hates.
Cantona is a legend.
Cesc Fabregas is pretty old.
Eric Bertrand Bailly is the best defender at Manchester United.
Ryan Giggs used to play for Manchester United but now he's retired.

Taylor Swift is not good at soccer.
Hector Bellerin is really good and fast for his age, he is 21 years old.
Ethan thinks soccer is okay. He thinks it's quite nice as well.

Paul Pogba is my favourite soccer player.
Entertaining soccer players usually use a lot of skills.
Respect soccer+blonde+angry brother+extremely good at soccer= Kade.
France is the 2nd best team in Europe.
Exercise is what you need to play soccer.
Cruyff was the first person to perform an amazing turn, it was then called the Johan Cruyff turn.
Try your hardest if you want to be good at soccer.

September is the last month of winter soccer.
Paulo Dybala is a lad.
October is the time to play summer soccer.
Respect football(soccer).
The best soccer player is Ronaldo.

An Interesting Day

I was on a train,
When I saw Jane.
I don't think she knows me,
But I remember we had tea.

She said "hi",
I said "good bye".
I don't know why,
But I like pie.

There was a pie on a table,
But I feel like a bagel.
So I walked 4 steps south,
With a bagel in my mouth.

When I got off the train,
I thought I saw Bane.
I sprinted to him,
But he gapped it to the gym.

So I turned my back,
And I thought of Jack.
Then I saw Jack,
Coming out of the black.

I got so scared,
That I grew a beard.
Jack was thinking about puzzles,
Then he saw Mrs Guzzles.

I think I wet my pants,
As I was looking at some ants.
So I went to sleep,
With my sheep.

By Kade And Mathew

Poems by Mathew and Kade

On Monday the 31st of October Room 3 got a choice for writing, so Me(Kade) and Mathew chose to do a lot of poems. Two of them are acrostic poems and the other poem is a AABB poem. Hope you enjoy!

I Can Get Scared

My friend Kodie Nichols,
Really likes pickles.
I think he likes football,
And he isn't very tall.

When I was at home,
He almost kicked my comb.
So I got really annoyed,
That I called Tyler Boyd.

He's coming in the car,
He doesn't live very far.
I switched on the radio,
Then I waved to Joe.

He finally got here,
But he brought a grizzly bear.
I was terrified,
So I went to hide.

I got my pussy cat,
And my awesome bat.
I didn't come back,
Until it was black.

By Kade And Mathew

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

A narrative called The Magic Wand

Image result for magic wand
The Magic Wand - By Gabrielle

A long, long time ago there were some minions ordering fries and burgers for them and their boss at McDonald's. They ordered three large double cheese burgers, three large double chicken burgers and six large fries.

But there was a problem. Mrs Daniel had forgotten the password for the safe. So the minion’s ran out to find things to brake the safe open. Minion one finds a big branch. So minion one, minion four and minion five rammed it at the safe. They got hurt so they sat down and it didn’t open. Minion two finds a bomb, he lit it and put it in front of the safe. He didn’t run away and it exploded. He got hurt so he sat down, but it didn’t open. Minion three finds a car and he hot wired it nd rammed it into the safe. It didn’t open and he got hurt so he sat down.

Mrs Daniel gets worried that she won’t be able to open the safe. Then Mrs Daniel finds a wand up in a tree. Minion three climbed up the tree and grabbed the wand. She said “abra cadabra, open the safe.” It opens. Now everyone can eat their fries and burgers.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Memories by Kade

A few weeks ago on Thursday with Mrs Daniel we went on this website called Pobble 365. It has images and prompts that help us write about the picture. I chose an image called Memories. It’s a picture of a man in an army uniform and he looks quite old. He survived a war but none of his friends did. On Anzac Day he wears his army uniform. I hope you enjoy it!

George had not worn his uniform for many years. Now that he finally did, the memories all came flooding back to him like an avalanche. Like of his best friends passing away from diseases, gunfire and them not ducking. Many tears went down his face, as he remembered his last four friends charging, because they were commanded to.

By Kade