Sunday, 20 November 2016

Poems by Mathew and Kade

On Monday the 31st of October Room 3 got a choice for writing, so Me(Kade) and Mathew chose to do a lot of poems. Two of them are acrostic poems and the other poem is a AABB poem. Hope you enjoy!

I Can Get Scared

My friend Kodie Nichols,
Really likes pickles.
I think he likes football,
And he isn't very tall.

When I was at home,
He almost kicked my comb.
So I got really annoyed,
That I called Tyler Boyd.

He's coming in the car,
He doesn't live very far.
I switched on the radio,
Then I waved to Joe.

He finally got here,
But he brought a grizzly bear.
I was terrified,
So I went to hide.

I got my pussy cat,
And my awesome bat.
I didn't come back,
Until it was black.

By Kade And Mathew

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