Sunday, 3 April 2016

Paper experiments

Room 3 did some paper experiments. In their table groups they had to figure out what types of folds and rips and whatnots to get their paper to fall the fastest or float the slowest. The table groups are: #AWESOME COLONY, GUMMY BEARS, CANDY BOMBERS, #KEMM, DA L😁L'S AND UNIPIGALLAMASAURS!

The fastest time was 0.14 seconds! The slowest was 12.34 seconds! That's really fast and slow for just a piece of paper to fall down! Room 3's results were the best! Room 3 did this experiment for two days. But we couldn't of done the experiments without Mr Powell. Room 3 thinks that it was really epic and would love to do more experiments with Mr Powell!

1 comment:

  1. This was cool, I really enjoyed doing it! It was really amazing how we managed to get the paper to fall at such speeds! I was wondering though, when will we be doing another science experiment?
    Please reply Ducks.