Sunday, 3 April 2016

Smelly Bertie By David Roberts

We read a book today called Smelly Bertie.

Books should bring out emotions. Boy did we laugh out loud with this one!

It was about a child named Bertie who farted a lot. Bertie was proud of his farting, but no one else appreciated his farting. The rest of his family also farted. So Bertie showed us in the book how they liked to cover their farts up. Mum coughed at the same time, Dad did it sneakily and you wouldn't know until it hit you, Gran blamed it on the cat, his sister Suzie farted like a train when she thought no one was looking.

This was a very fun book to read. After the reading we went back to our table groups to see who could make the best fake fart sound, using only our mouths and arms / hands. This was hysterical. We had our finalists. Our Runner Up was Kade from Candy Bombers and Blake from #awesomecolony.

Please view these videos at your own risk.

Thanks Room 3.

Our Runner Up video: 

Our Winner video:


  1. HA HA! Awesome, funny book, I absolutely loved it when we did the farting noise competition. I completely thrashed everyone at it, but I would like to ask: why hadn't/haven't we done anything like that before? (i'm quite competitive). Please reply Blake (ducks)

  2. Hi Blake, I realised we don't do much "out there" "fun" stuff. So as long as it is in context and not just noises for noises sake, I feel we might do a lot more of this in the future. Can you come up with some ideas?

  3. It was super duper fun! I'm glad Mr Powell cam up with that idea! Phfffffft!!