Sunday, 15 May 2016

Colourful cup art

Room 3 busy business... Last week room 3 made colourful cup art to lighten up the classroom. Mr Powell taught us (Miss J was on a course) and had the idea to make the cup art. There was loads of decorations on the table for us to choose from. But there was a twist. We had to buy the items with Monopoly money. We all started off with $750 of Monopoly money each. We all had lots of fun.


  1. Hi Miss J and Room 3,
    I think these cups turned out amazing! The blog monitors should post a picture of the cups hanging up in the classroom as well so everyone can see how amazing they look. Thank you room 3 for managing your money so well to create such awesome designs. What do you want to do next time you do art in class?

  2. Hi Room 3, this looks like a lot of fun and what talented artists you all are!

  3. Making these cups were a lot of fun, but it was quite hard to get the perfect coat of paint on. There were bubbles every time I just put on a new layer of paint on. But still it was a very fun activity and I'm looking foward for more art!