Thursday, 26 May 2016

Hills Bills

Senior school at Sunnyhills school are making these notes called Hills Bills. We are saving up our Hills Bills that teachers give us throughout the week so we can buy a travel package at the end of our inquiry. We will be finding out about other countries and their tourist places, then making up a travel package for other students to buy. It is going to be awesome.
We earn our Hills Bills by doing great things around the school and in the classrooom. Soom of us have earned $10,000 dollars already!! Each Hills Bill is worth $200.00. Go Room 3!!


  1. Hi Room 3!
    I really like the different designs of 'Hills Bills' that you have created and displayed in your classroom! They look amazing, you all must have had on your creative thinking hats. I saw one in the photos that is a 20 Hills Bill - are there other denominations like a 50 Hills Bill and 100 Hills Bill?

  2. Hi Room 3,
    I love your creative designs for Hills Bills! I saw a 20 Hills Bill in one of the photos on this post, are there other denominations as well like a 50 Hills Bill?
    From Mr. Powell

  3. Yes there are other denominations. There is $5 $10 $20 $50 $100.

  4. We hope u like them we had so much fun making them. I bet the whole class wants theirs to win and be THE BEST hills bills!

  5. well done everyone I love everyone's notes they all look amazing.everyone was so creative and put so much hard work into it good job

  6. Wow Room 3! I really love all of your amazing Hills Bills! I love how you drew the teachers on them and how you coloured them in so beautifully.