Saturday, 13 August 2016

Dance Fesital

Dance  Festival
By Me’a
In room 3 Rebecca, Brianna and I danced in the spectacular event in Elim Christian Church. We were doing this dance to a song called Hey Mickey. Miss Coffer had a theme so that some of us would be cheerleaders and some would be Mickeys.

Once we had learnt the dance Mrs Coffer gave us news that she was going to Singapore for around two or three weeks so she wouldn't be able to come to the performances. We were very disappointed. However, before Miss Coffer left we performed  the dance in front of the school so Miss Coffer could see us. It was great.

Mrs Knoflock gave us some notes on make up, costumes and hair.  Mrs Knoflock and Miss Holiday gave us the Sunnyhills track suits for the rehearsal so that no one got cold. On the rehearsal (Wednesday morning) we did our dance and came back to school. On both nights we were very nervous but got out there and did our best.

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