Thursday, 4 August 2016

Minecraft Haiku

Building my first house
In a sunny minecraft day
When a creeper blows

Up and down the mines
Searching for some diamond ore
Armed with a pickaxe

Swimming in lava
Is a weird noob decision
While screaming “mercy”!

Making my first bed
Using wool and wooden planks
Setting my spawn point

Doing PVP
Using swords, bow and arrow
With good enchantments

Eating my first cake
Which tasted really yucky
As I rage quited

Killing the wither
With diamond armor and swords
With lots of potions

Getting an apple
To make a golden apple
With lots of gold blocks

A bunch of brown dirt
With a stack of diamond blocks
To give to a pro

By Derek.P and Ethan.H


  1. Wow guys that is awesome.

  2. Wow Ethan and Derek these Haikus are great. Giving a pro dirt and diamonds doesn't really make sense to me. Could you please explain to me how that makes sense?

  3. What a fantastic Haiku Ethan and Derek. My favorite part was when you said Eating my first cake which tasted really yucky as I rage quited.