Saturday, 19 March 2016

Above me writing

In front of me I see, sneakily rushing through the tall dimly lit grass, people running to trees. The grass is only visible from the small amount of light as the first few night stars appear.  I reach the closest piece of coverage, a patch of extra tall grass.  I dive into it in the nick of time. The spotlights turn on, I hear students get caught.  

Under me I feel the damp stems of the grass and the slightest bit of mud, where the tall sprouts just hadn't covered the moist earth.  I hear some of the slower students run to find shelter from the corresponding shine of the beaming torches.  I see the light retreat back into the torches.  I jump up and bolt to the next obstacle with mere seconds to spare, the obstacle happened to be a particularly thick/wide tree and whilst running towards it I stumbled over one of its long, wavy roots that was just poking itself out of the squishy ground.  It just managed to turn me around so my back was against the tree.

Behind me the tough, edge-munted bark was hard to touch without hurting my back, I started to turn around and just as I had, someone came hurtling towards me and hit the left side of the tree, barely missing me.  Then "spotlights on" the words sounded like echoes in the dark night, "you're out" shouted one of the spotlight holders.  This was  repeated about four times.  

I felt relief as the person behind me got caught as they were squishing me into the tree.  Above me, I saw the stars again only this time there where more and the previously viewed ones were brighter.  "Spotlights off" goes the instructor.  I run up, I'm so close!  I think I can make it!  Then…I get caught…awww, better luck next run.  I walk back down the steep hill to the start line. "Spotlights off".  I start running.

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