Saturday, 19 March 2016

Summer Haiku's from Cameron

Summer haiku poems
Summer is here now
The flowers have all bloomed
The sun is burning

Going to the beach
Playing with the yellow sand
Making sand castles

Swimming in the pool
Playing with a red beach ball
Water is splashing

From Cameron


  1. Wow Cam! You got every sentence right! I wish summer would come now...
    HAyley! :)

  2. CAM you made me feel like it was summer again! i love the descriptive language

  3. This was cool,and it did, almost make me feel like I was in summer.The reason it didn't make me feel in summer was there needed to be more emotional words it was a good haiku otherwise.

  4. Wow Cameron, nice use of adjectives and punctuation! How long did you take to write them?