Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Victoria's above me, below me camp poem


Above me was the waving branches swaying from side to side. The thin leaves flutter down in my hair. I could see the pitch black sky and the twinkling stars though the gaps in between the leaves.

Below me were the long gnarly tree roots that people accidentally trip over as they sprint to the next tree. The roots were covered fully with smelly, brown dirt and were hid by the thin grass. I could also see the tiny insects crawling up and down the tree.

In front of me were excited children hiding behind the same tree. Trying not to be seen by the bright stoplight that was searching for its victim. Behind them was the gigantic, dark lake that I could barely see.

Behind me was the tall thick tree that I was hiding behind. I could see the the light from the spotlight passing through the sides of the tree. I heard the loud crickets chirping noisily through the night.

By: Victoria


  1. Wow Victoria! Great describing and what a good use of adjectives and adverbs.

  2. I really enjoyed reading your poem because I could imagine myself in your point of view. If you had to write another one of these poems, what subject would you choose?

  3. Some great descriptive language. It makes me think I am back at Lakewood Lodge. What a fun filled, busy week we had.

  4. that's so good Vicky , can't wait till year six camp!