Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Kade's speech

This is my speech called What Do Teachers Do Off Duty? I hope you enjoy it!

What Do Teachers Do Off Duty?

Hello and welcome to this speech with the awesome, handsome and strong Kade. Guessing what that marvelous person is? It’s me. Today we are going to be talking about what teacher's do off duty, what do they do in the staff room, and after school? I have been wondering that since the day I walked in a classroom for my first day of school. I knew they have been hiding lots of things.

Are teachers trying to make other teachers laugh in the staff room because they think they are funny? Sometimes it might make teacher’s extremely angry that they will grow enormously gigantic and then there skin turns green in just 15 seconds, that's probably how hulk was invented.

Teachers might be extremely weird instead of funny like Mr Mac watching netball in the staffroom even though Liverpool (which is Mr Mac’s favourite soccer team) is playing a match on the other channel. Then Miss Coffer comes in and says “put it on the football”. Imagine if that happened. That would be an extremely weird opposite day.

What if teachers were secretly superstars in disguise like Mr Mac was Usain Bolt, yes Usain Bolt the fastest sprinter in the world. If he is “sick” on the exact time the Olympics are on then you have got an answer. Miss J to be Taylor Swift that's probably why Taylor Swift/Miss J has not been singing songs recently. Wondering why Miss J leaves the room when Mrs Daniel is in the room? It’s probably because Taylor Swift and Katy Perry don’t get along so you have found the real Katy Perry in disguise.

Do you think aliens exist? Well I think they exist but those aliens are in disguise in the Milky Way, Earth, New Zealand, Auckland, Pakuranga, Sunnyhills, The Crest, Sunnyhills Primary School, rooms 2, 3, 5, 6, and 7 have all got 1 alien each in these classrooms. There disguise names are Mrs Knoflock, Miss J, Miss Holiday, Miss Coffer and Mr Mac. Are they trying to turn humans into aliens for a war! Or are they actually insane teachers that are trying to blow up earth and end up living on another planet like the Moon, Mars, Neptune or even the sun!

So Teachers will go on "holiday” to Russia. As soon as they get to Russia, guess where they will go to. A Russian gun shop! Then just a couple of bang-bangs (as in around 7.4 billion bang-bangs can take over earth).

What do you think teachers are doing off duty, after school or in the staff room? I think one of these paragraphs is true about teachers doing something suspicious, I hope you were more than entertained in the last 3 minutes, bye.  

By Kade


  1. Amazing speech,kade.But I have a question.Why do you have 6 par-agraphs?

  2. Amazing speech,kade.But I have a question.Why do you have 6 par-agraphs?

  3. I actually like the part 'so teachers go on'holiday' to russia.I also want to know the 'there names' that doesn't make sense.