Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Poem by Kade

On Monday the 12th of September Room 3 did poems that are like A, A, B, B. Which the rhyme was with the 2 A’s and the two B’s. So then we made it like  A, B, A, B. Where the rhyme is with the two A’s and the two B’s. I hope you enjoy it!


I bowled a ball at the wickets.
Some people were cheering,
As some other people were buying tickets,
He was having a rage and sneering.

As I batted,
I hit the ball weirdly,
Some people chatted,
As my team wins yearly.

The next year arrived,
As we versed the same team,
We all dived,
As some people started to scream.

I caught the ball,
My team rarely does not win,
But this time there was a strange call,
As the ball leaves my skin.

By Kade

1 comment:

  1. Nice Kade, I liked how you used rhyming words in each paragraph. Can you do another one about tennis please?

    BY Adam and Mathew.