Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Narrative poem by Logan

Narrative poem

One night the Shell children were hungry,
They needed some sweet leaves to eat.
They decided to go to the jungle
And look for a pancake tree treat.

So of the wandered that evening,
In search of a wonderful snack.
But the earthquake bird suddenly landed
And they heard a pancake tree crack.

The Shell children stood there astonished,
That was one less treat to eat.
They yelled to the Earthquake bird
Why did you do that , now we have to eat wheat.

The Shell children went home,
And said to their mum an Earthquake bird broke their treat.
They sat at the the table and there mum brought out some wheat
And there mum opened the bag and it was a
pancake tree treat.

By Logan.

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  1. wow what a awesome poem where did you get the pane cake i dear