Monday, 12 September 2016

Creative writing by Mea

On Thursday with Mrs Daniel we went onto a website called Pobble 365 that showed us a picture and some pointers on how to write a quick story about that picture. The picture I am writing about is The Tree Door.

The Tree Door
The creaky, old door has not been opened for decades. The beast has always lived inside, but nobody dared to visit. Noises would echo through the gaps in the door that haunted those who heard them.

One day a little boy and girl called Joey and Willa were walking home through the forest when the heavy wooden door slowly opened. With a groan the kids watched in horror as they saw the ugly beast. As they stood there, they were blinded by him and were never heard of again…

By Me’a  

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  1. Dear Me'a, we love how you made up a whole story from just a picture. Where did you get all those ideas from?
    -Prarthna & Karina