Monday, 12 September 2016

Pobble 365 writing by Cameron

✧✧✧Hope you enjoy my story that I have written on pobble 365 Go check out the site!✧✧✧
It all started out as a dare...
On my birthday my friends gave me a dare to sleep outside in the cold. I accepted… As I walked out of the house my friends shut and locked the door. I walked closer into the forest until I realised I wasn’t alone.
I ran and ran until I came to a part of the forest which didn’t look like the forest that I just came out of. It had twirly trees, huge stalks of grass and these weird little creatures which looked like something you would find in a video game! Then I realised I was in the world of Pokemon! It was amazing or was it…
60 years later… I had enough I wanted to go home but I didn’t know the way back to my house. All I knew was if I walked any further I would just get lost. Plus all the Pokemon had disappeared and I have been alone for 60 years!
As I took my last breath I fell to the floor and...
“Dude. were all trying to sleep”.
It was all a dream...

The end.

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