Monday, 12 September 2016

Picture writing by Blake

Some pobble 365 work

This is some Pobble 365 work from earlier this year. Pobble is a website that has a different picture every day with prompts to help you write about it. The first one we did was about a spooky tower and the second about a man lost/trapped in the woods

The night was still. Not a breath of wind could be felt.
The boy was intimidated by the crow statue. In his village the crow was the sign for death, but he was far from his village now. He heard a noise and turned, nothing was there. He turned back, there was now a wicked smile on the crows face. It's now or never I thought I began to enter the mystical tower.

It was horrible having to stay in the woods. I had lost all contact with the outside world, I was scared. So far I was surviving, barely, I had stockpiled my rations, to the best of my ability. I'm weak - ROAR! Oh no here comes that bear again!   

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