Monday, 12 September 2016

AA BB poem by Mathew

This is a rhyming poem down with AABB, meaning the first two lines rhyme and the second two rhyme. Enjoy.

I dropped my pickle

I dropped my pickle,
On a really big prickle.
I couldn't pick it up,
So I called a grownup.

But he was in pain,
So I shouted for Jane.
But she was stuck in traffic,
By the way she's very photographic.

So I went next door,
But they were on tour.
No one was there,
Apart from a bear.

I hopped in the car
And I drove very far.
I stopped at a home,
It was actually a dome.

I knocked on the door,
Maybe they went to war.
No one came,
I guess everything's the same.


  1. Good job Mathew your poem was really funny and it uses the AABB pattern efficiently.

  2. Amazing work Mathew. Your poem used the AABB rule very nicely and I like how you used pickles in your poem.

  3. Well done Mathew, I like how you fitted so much rhyming words in the poem.