Monday, 12 September 2016

Poem for blog by Joyce

On Friday 12th August, we learned a simple poem pattern that went ABAB and we all tried making our own poems using that pattern.

My Cat Poem

I once had a cat,
He was always fat.
He always ate mice,
Because he thought they tasted nice.

Ice Cream Poem

I dropped my ice cream,
And then I started to scream.
I didn't bother to pick it up,
Because my sister ate it up.

Dog in the Fog Poem

There once was a dog,
Who sat in the fog.
We never knew what he looked like,
Because he was actually riding a bike.

By Joyce


  1. WOW Joyce,your poem is amazing.How long did it take you to create,all your short but AWESOME poems?
    By Elise and Auralie.

    1. Hi Elise, it took me exactly one day to finish all three of my poems. From Joyce