Monday, 12 September 2016

Speech for blog by Ishika

In term 2 we wrote our speeches. My speech is about - Is laughing really a medicine I hope you enjoy it.

Wow I just went to a laughing club. A laughing club you say, what can you possibly do there? Of course you just learn to laugh - out loud - and it is really hard. It was really funny as well. Talking about laughing, today I am going to tell you all about why laughter really is a medicine
Paragraph 1
Well as you guys all know laughter is priceless it makes you feel nice and happy and takes out all the negative thoughts and worry's in your head. Laughter relaxes your whole body and makes you forget about everything.  For example if you laugh in the morning it would make you feel happy for the rest of the day. Even if you think about something bad the good thought would take over. Overall life is better with laughter.
Paragraph 2
First let me tell you some facts about laughter. First of all laughter reduces calories and some studies have reported that laughing for at least fifteen minutes can add around 2 days to your overall lifespan. Humans are not the only creatures who laugh animals like dogs and cats also laugh.
Paragraph 3
Well you guys might not believe me but people around the world go to laughing clubs or laughing yoga. Basically what they do at laughing club's is the instructor does funny faces or weird things like tells everyone joke's or pokes out their tongue and puts their hands by their ears. Laughing yoga was created in India in the mid 1990's as a experiment and is still around. Laughing clubs are basically the same as laughing yoga. What they do at laughing yoga is everyone is jogging or stretching and the instructor tells everyone joke's.
Paragraph 4
We should laugh because it's fun, it makes you feel good and it reduces stress. We should also laugh cause it makes us forget about our troubles and it plays an important role in social interaction and bonding. We usually laugh when we see something unusual  or ridiculous. Healthy children laugh 100 times per day where as adults tend to laugh like only 20 times per day. It is a normal thing that laughter declines dramatically as people age.

Have  you laughed today, I don't mean sending LOL to a friend I mean a actual  laugh when you find something funny. Over all I think you guys all know that laughter is by far the best medicine, It is a good way to lose stress and is a fun way to strengthen your immune system.
By Ishika

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